In our most recent podcast, we spoke at length with Marty and Sam Ivey, of Ivey Exterminating, about controlling microbial and pest problems in and around our homes.  They offered helpful insight into the pest control conundrum in the Charlotte area!

big honkin spiders on your charlotte home

If you live in the Charlotte area, you have likely encountered these “big honkin’” spiders and roaches and those pesky stink bugs.  These creepy crawlers are on the move this time of year, following their natural, predictable path of energy, from the cold weather, straight to the warm, cozy confines of areas around and inside your home.  These pests can quietly coexist with us, sometimes unseen, but often eventually noticed.  Stink bugs will attach themselves to your clothing or hair to enter your home without your knowledge.  Next thing you know, you have a colony of these armored crawlers inside your home.  How might we prevent these catastrophes?  Well, that’s a great question.

Keeping Your Charlotte-Area Home Bug Free!

keep the areas around your home leaf-free

First things first, keep the areas around your home leaf-free.  We all rake and blow leaves this time of year, but the debris must not be directed towards our homes.  Leaves, mulch, and debris around your home’s foundation offer these bugs a perfect spot to live, as their decomposition radiates natural heat and energy that roaches, stink bugs, and even rodents need to exist.  What’s worse, is that once these creatures colonize in and around your home, their natural predators begin to show up to feast.  We’re talking about snakes, folks!  Snakes in crawl spaces and even in attics are a direct result of lack of proper pest control.

Stink bugs will attach themselves to the walls of your charlotte home

As we mentioned, bugs will pursue predictable paths of energy.  Pests will follow sunlight for its energy and will naturally migrate around your home from morning till evening.  Once they arrive at their final destination in the evening sunshine on the west-facing side of your home, spiders will show up to spin their webs to feast.  When you see spider webs, break them up to destroy the food source, so they will move on to “buggier” pastures!  Other areas of interest for the bug population are windows and doors.  Windows exude more energy in the daytime by reflecting sunlight.  In the evening, lighting from inside your home might become their needed energy source.  Again, in come the spiders.  Mice follow spiders.  Snakes follow mice.  You get the message.  If you can’t break up this pattern on your own, call on an expert for proper pest control!

Let’s Talk About Crawl Spaces!

charlotte home crawlspace

Let’s talk about crawl spaces.  What constitutes smart climate control for your crawl space?  Should those vents be opened or closed?  Keeping a clean, microbial-free crawl space is essential to your home in terms of wood rot, foundation cracks, and termite invasions.  Termites love moist wood, and will feast much more easily on moist wood.  The rule of thumb for your crawl space vents is keep them open during the warm weather months, and close them when the temperature begins to drop below 40 degrees.  Placing a dehumidifier in your crawl space means that you do not have to worry with opening and closing vents.  You can leave them closed year-round if you have a dehumidifier in your crawl space.  Automatic opening and closing vents will also keep you from having to open and close the vents seasonally.  If you have a concrete slab, and you think you are immune to termite issues, think again!  Cracks in concrete under and around your home are breeding grounds for moisture and termites.  Even garages, porches, and patios must have proper treatment to prevent termites.

Can You Blame Them?

roaches in your charlotte home?

Let’s face it.  If we were bugs, we would be trying to come inside homes during cold months too!  We can’t blame them for trying, but we can prevent colonization by making smart choices in yard, gutter, and crawl space maintenance.  Keep these areas clear of leafy debris this time of year to deter these invaders.  If you are having issues getting your bug issues under control, call on Ivey Exterminating at 704-334-1616 or by visiting

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