Marty and Jan Ivey of Ivey Exterminating join Paul Jamison to discuss common rodent and insect hiding spaces.

are there insects and rodents hiding in your charlotte home

No one likes to see mice or insects in and around their homes, but for most, the inevitability of at least a small infestation at some point, is real.  Without regular lawn and home insect treatments, you can expect to see an influx of pests around your home, especially this time of year.  Why now, and what makes them love your home?

Where do rodents like to hide?

Did you know that a 40-pound raccoon can squeeze its body through a 4-inch square opening?  A mouse can wiggle itself through a hole the size of a shirt button!  For this reason, they can end up in the interior of your home.  You do not have to have a huge, visible opening to find yourself living with rodents indoors!

there's a mouse in the house

Mice in particular, love to hide under the box framing of your floor cabinetry.  They will finagle their way into your cabinet in search of food or nesting materials.  Have you ever noticed a can of food in your pantry without a label, or with part of the label missing?  This is very likely due to a mouse, who has scurried its way inside.  They will remove the paper label, and carry it back to their nest – somewhere inside, under, or around your home.  They will also hide in your home’s insulation, and they like scampering up your exterior walls to make it to your attic insulation.  Mice will even make their nests in cars, and chew electrical wiring that could require major repairs.

Where do insects like to hide?

Insects, like roaches, spiders, mosquitoes, and even bed bugs like to live in spaces that are particularly helpful for their survival.  Whether looking for a food source or heat, they have more than a few favorite hiding spots.



Roaches love food sources.  We all know that they love actual human food, but did you know that they can be found hiding by stoves, because spots that produce steam are breeding grounds for bacteria on which roaches can feed?  Roaches will hide in and around furniture, like bookshelves.  They will eat the glue that is used in bookbinding.  If you have ever seen a roach by your books, you know why!

Bed bugs

bed bugs

The mere thought of a bed bugs infestation will make your skin crawl.  Bed bugs enter our homes in ways that you might never have thought of.  In search of a heat source, they will gravitate to electronics, such as laptops.  If you carry your laptop between work and home, you could essentially bring an infestation of bed bugs in by your laptop.  If you have co-workers, who carry their laptops home, and one of them has an infestation, they can carry that infestation to work, where the bugs will transfer to your laptop.  Careful about computing in bed!


mosquitoes around your charlotte home

Mosquitoes feed on plant material.  Female mosquitoes bite humans and animals for nutrients from blood, which is necessary for reproduction – not because they are hungry.  For this reason, and others, mosquitoes will hide in and underneath plants.  Not only is it the perfect spot for feeding, but it will also protect them from the sun and predators.


Spiders make a mess around your home

Spiders too, will hide where their food is plentiful.  You can often find them in and among plant beds, woodpiles, and the like.  Many times, they do not hide at all, especially in warm months.  If you notice a lot of spider webs around your home, by exterior lighting, that is because those lights are attracting the insects they feed on.

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