Paul Jamison of the Jamison Family of Companies speaks with Marty and Sam Ivey from Ivey Exterminating about raising rent, spiders, palmetto bugs, and crawl spaces …

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Raise That Rent!

As a landlord, your goal is to collect rent on time. You may hesitate to raise the rent on your tenant, thinking, “What if they get offended and move out? They are great tenants, they pay their rent on time, and they never cause any problems. How will I find another great tenant like that again?” Well, rest assured, you can (and should!) raise the rent every year. Average rental rates overall in your area increase every year and it costs tenants money to move. Your annual expenses for home maintenance and services (lawn care, etc.) also increase every year. Check rental rates and increases in your local area. Then go ahead, remain competitive, and raise that rent!


Why are spiders such a huge problem this time of year? The recent hot and humid weather has provided an abundance of food for spiders. It’s also bug season and spiders eat other insects. The key to spider control is to knock down spiderwebs, and keep good sanitation in and around your home.

remove webs and exercise good sanitation practices to eliminate spiders

Palmetto Bugs

Here in the South, we call these bugs palmetto bugs or water bugs. But to everyone else, they are really just huge American roaches! They come into your home to seek out food, water and shelter. Homeowners may see these bugs running into the HVAC air registers, but they don’t actually live in there (the air is not hospitable for them). They are most likely coming up through crawl spaces, in through open windows or poorly fitted or damaged screens, or through roof line eave vents. Trim all branches away from the home, and call in the professionals for proper and effective treatment.

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Crawl Spaces

It’s imperative that homeowners have their crawl spaces inspected on a regular basis (ideally annually at different times of the year). Moisture in the crawl space can create many problems for the homeowner including cupped hardwood flooring, insects and critters, mold, etc. Forty percent of the air you breathe in a home comes from the crawl space, so you want to be sure that air you breathe is clean and safe.

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