Paul Jamison of the Jamison Family of Companies speaks with Sandy Dickinson of Cross Country Mortgage and Sam Ivey of Ivy Exterminating about crawl spaces, mosquitoes, rodents, and spiders, the top ten best places to live in the U.S., and home improvement projects under $5K.

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Interest rates are going up. Inventory is still tight. The cost of everything (including housing!) is going up, up, up. Don’t miss out on the tremendous opportunity by sitting on the sidelines waiting for things to slow down. Get off the fence and get in the real estate game…buy or sell your house NOW! Do not give up! Yes, it’s challenging out there, but with the help of your trusted professional team of realtors, lenders, inspectors, attorneys, etc., you can take advantage of this tremendous market and come out ahead.

Crawl Spaces

Don’t let your crawl space turn into a mud bath. High humidity can create a mess down in your crawl space, creating mold and fungus, loosening air ducts, and leading to problems and expensive clean-up. The indoor air quality in your home is largely dependent on the condition of your crawl space. Have your crawl space professionally inspected on a regular basis (every year or year and a half is optimal). An inspector can help to assess the situation, install a proper dehumidifier if necessary, etc.

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Mosquitoes are out in full force these days. They are attracted to shiny metal objects, reflective surfaces, sweat, and even to human breath (carbon dioxide). Mint may confuse mosquitoes and throw off aggressive females. Mosquitoes, though tiny, can be incredibly harmful and can carry deadly diseases. 



Rodents are on the move. They look for cool spaces to escape the summer heat, and they flee and scurry away from the many construction sites in our local Charlotte, NC area today. They can quickly become a problem not only to a particular property but to a whole geographic area.



You may be knocking down spiderwebs away from your property, which will help to eradicate them. But, spiders can be beneficial because they can control other bugs in and around your property.



The color of your outside lights can affect the quantity and type of bugs that fly around (and potentially inside!) your home. Bugs are attracted to white and bright lights. Try yellow lights which may attract fewer insects.

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Don’t hesitate to call in the professionals, like Ivey Exterminating, for help with any of these pests and bugs!

Top Ten Best Places to Live

According to U.S. News & World Report, the following is an interesting list of the top ten places to live in the U.S. in 2022/2023:

  1. Huntsville, AL
  2. Colorado Springs, CO
  3. Green Bay, WI
  4. Boulder, CO
  5. San Jose, CA
  6. Raleigh, NC
  7. Fayetteville, AR
  8. Portland, ME
  9. Sarasota, FL
  10. San Francisco, CA

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Home Improvement Projects Under $5000

Homeowners don’t always have to spend a lot of money on home improvement projects. Often, they can tackle some easy projects around the house that create maximum impact for under $5,000. Here are some great suggestions:

  1. Exterior paint
  2. Patio
  3. Interior paint
  4. Hardwood floors
  5. Built-in bookshelves
  6. Kitchen appliances
  7. Kitchen countertops
  8. Shower or tub replacement
  9. Opening up floorplan / removing a wall
  10. Closet system

home improvement suggestions

Here are some more of Paul’s personal great ideas:

  1. New light fixtures
  2. New faucets
  3. New mailbox
  4. New front door
  5. Power washing
  6. New kitchen sink
  7. New molding
  8. New kitchen cabinet hardware
  9. New fridge
  10. New exterior lights / solar
  11. Outdoor grill
  12. Outdoor fireplace
  13. Smart features and gadgets

The idea is to spend as little money as possible while creating maximum impact.

We’re to Help!

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