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Even During Cold Winter Days, the Real Estate Market Remains Hot!

Paul Jamison of the Jamison Family of Companies speaks with Sandy Dickinson of Cross Country Mortgage Marty and Sam Ivey of Ivey Exterminating about winter pest and rodent activity, selling a vacant home, and surprising uses for pool noodles.

You may think that during the winter, the real estate market slows down. While that may have been true in years past, Charlotte, NC’s real estate market continues to remain active. Average home sales price continue to increase 17.1% over this time last year (currently at $410,119!), houses continue to be in demand, people continue moving here from other geographic areas, and transactions continue to close.

Winter Pest and Rodent Activity

After a winter snowfall, the world appears quiet, serene and peaceful. However, wintertime and snow can actually make rodents and pests more active, as they scurry to find their way into your home seeking warmth and shelter. Squirrels, mice, roaches, stink bugs, box elder bugs, raccoons, and even termites can be especially active and problematic this time of year. You wouldn’t necessarily think that these creatures would be so pesky in the cold winter weather, but they can absolutely be a nuisance. They can get into your crawl space, attic, garage, etc. They can chew through wiring. Squirrels, for example, will bring their own food into your attic, and that attracts even more pests. The increased animal activity is especially noticeable in areas with higher density, such as inner cities. At least snakes are not around so much this time of year!

Squirrel on the Roof

Selling a Vacant Home

Sometimes, due to timing and circumstances, sellers have to put their house on the market without any furniture or personal possessions. When selling a vacant home, there are several things sellers can do to ensure that their home is still appealing to potential buyers. Following are some great tips for sellers when selling a vacant home:

  • Set the temperature to a comfortable 68 to 70 degrees.
  • Turn the water off.
  • Check the house every few days and make sure visitors have not left any “surprises” in the bathrooms.
  • Clean the entryways to make sure they are clutter-free, warm, and welcoming.
  • Clear all walkways of ice and snow, so no one gets hurt while previewing the home.
  • Display photos of how the home and property look in Springtime when in full bloom.
  • People don’t always take their shoes off when previewing. Follow up after showings to make sure everything is tidy (vacuumed and swept).
  • Don’t use scented plug-ins because potential buyers may be allergic or think seller is trying to cover up another odor.
Beautiful family of mother and daughter together at home smelling something stinky and disgusting, intolerable smell, holding breath with fingers on nose. Bad smells concept.
  • Don’t turn the power off. People like to turn lights on, especially if they are previewing on a dark winter evening.
  • Keep the front entry lights on, because that says “WELCOME” to the potential buyers.
  • Staging can be as simple as opening the blinds, bringing light in and making the home appear warm and inviting.
  • Check the house for mail and packages left sitting outside (bank notices can be of particular interest to a potential buyer!).
  • Even if the home is vacant, sellers should pay attention and be thoughtful to still make the home appealing and welcoming to potential buyers.
Close-up of colorful pool noodles, end view looking along noodles.

Surprising Uses For Pool Noodles Around Your Home

When you think of pool noodles, what probably comes to mind is that they are only used in swimming pools in the summertime. WRONG! There are many other surprisingly practical uses for pool noodles all around your home. Here are just a few:

  • Put one at the front of your couch, so items don’t get lost underneath;
  • Put one on your roof rack so your kayak, canoe or sled won’t slide off;
  • Cover the springs on your outdoor trampoline;
  • Make a wreath out of one to hang on your front door.
  • Put one on a hanger to reduce the crease in your pants.

Tune in for many more uses for pool noodles. We bet you’ll never have thought of some of these clever ideas!

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