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Supply and Demand: The State of the 2022 Real Estate Market

Paul Jamison of the Jamison Family of Companies speaks with Sandy Dickinson of Cross Country Mortgage about the state of the real estate market as we enter the new year and things around the house that you might forget to clean.

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The State of the 2022 Real Estate Market

To evaluate the current state of the real estate market, Paul suggests that you remove all the excess noise (Covid news, inflation, supply chain problems, etc.) and decide what information you need to pay attention to. Simple economics is as basic as supply and demand. And that goes for the housing market, too. As we head into the new year 2022, there is still a severe shortage of supply of homes in and around the Charlotte, NC market. A balanced market (where there is an equal number of buyers and sellers) is typically defined as having 6 months of inventory at any given time.

Currently, in the Charlotte market today, we have only 23 days of inventory! This makes the Charlotte market still a very unbalanced seller’s market. Competition between buyers is severe, with most deals ending up in bidding wars. Buyers could be local or they can even include buyers from overseas, who purchase homes here without ever even seeing the home in person. There are incredible numbers of people moving to our area looking to buy homes. We also have sellers looking to take advantage of the hot market. These sellers sell their homes quickly and then they may, in turn, become buyers, too. There are also property investors who purchase homes to rent to add diversity to their portfolios. They want in on the game, too. Work with the professionals, like Paul and Sandy, who can help you to navigate this challenging market, and do it today before rates creep up!

Things Around the House that You Might Forget to Clean

With Covid these past few years, we have all spent more time at home than we typically did in years past. We may have learned to cook, and we learned to adjust to working and schooling from home, etc. But despite all of our time at home, there are some cleaning tasks around the house that may still have gone surprisingly overlooked.

People typically think their dishwasher is clean…after all, it cleans your dishes, so how can it be dirty? Well, it can be! Scour the filters, and run baking soda through it in the hottest cycle. Outdoor furniture can get dirty from exposure to the elements and all types of weather. A little dishwashing liquid and a microfiber cloth can do wonders to revive outdoor furniture, outdoor rugs, etc. Lampshades are magnets for dirt and dust, yet they can be easily cleaned. Throw pillows get dirty too, and they are much easier to clean than upholstery. Just unzip the pillowcases and throw them through a wash cycle. Your garbage disposal can get dirty, too. You may notice odors. A simple fix is baking soda and good old hot water. Another tip is to chop up a lemon and toss it (peels and all) into the disposal. Mold and mineral deposits can lurk around drip coffee makers and K-cup machines, too. Run a cycle of white vinegar through coffee makers and then run another cycle of hot water. Curtains and upholstery can be easily cleaned or sent to the dry cleaner.

Don’t forget about doorknobs and door handles, too. Your toothbrush holder is another often-forgotten dirty spot. Wipe light switches with Clorox wipes. Clean fireplaces and call in the experts, if necessary. Trash cans get incredibly dirty too. Clean out the trash can each time you take the bag out to the curb. You should even clean your cleaning supplies. This sounds silly, but throw out old dirty, hard sponges, get rid of old stained toilet brushes, etc. Dust and clean your baseboards for a fresh, clean look. Refrigerator drawers should be cleaned regularly for sparkle and for your overall health. Start the new year off right with a truly clean, sparkly home!

We’re Here to Help!

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