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The Holidays are a Time for Creating Memories and for Reminiscing of Holidays Past

Paul Jamison of the Jamison Family of Companies speaks with Sandy Dickinson of Cross Country Mortgage about why you should choose a local lender, the importance of paint, winter scents, and trees.

Though times are challenging for many, we can put our differences aside and make beautiful memories this Holiday season. We can take this time to reflect on happy family Holiday memories from long ago in our childhood homes. Let us all be thankful for each other, let us enjoy the Holidays and our time together, and let us offer each other best wishes for a healthy, happy New Year ahead!

Why You Should Choose a Local Lender

Paul strongly recommends that buyers work with a local lender (like Sandy!) as opposed to an online lender. Online lenders often do not close the deal on time, if at all. They may only provide an 800 phone number, and applicants do not get to speak with the same person each time they call. Local lenders tend to answer their phones, even after 5 pm and on weekends, and they typically are readily available and respond proactively to answer any questions.

Local lenders understand the local real estate market. Local realtors know, communicate directly with, and trust local lenders to get their deals closed. Applicants can physically meet with lenders to develop a personal relationship, as opposed to communicating only via email or text. Local lenders are available to meet with buyers and realtors to discuss any problems that may arise. Sellers may give preferential treatment to offers that utilize local lenders over online lenders. Sandy can even shop for the best loan options based on each individual’s situation. She has a strong relationship with her underwriters and has a list of preferred appraisers to help seal the deal. Take advantage of a relationship with a local lender, like Sandy and her team, and watch your transaction go smoothly from start to the closing table!

The Importance of Paint

Frest paint can make a difference in a house. Paint can hide defects and emphasize features. Paint color can brighten up a home, and color choice can change your mood completely. A fresh coat of paint, which every seller can easily and economically manage, can also result in a higher sales price.

Winter scents

Cinnamon apple, Christmas tree/pine, and cozy fireplace smells are some popular winter scents during the Holidays. Smells can be good, but sellers should not overdo them. Scents can be allergens and they can even make a buyer think that you are masking a bad smell (pet odors, for example) with a more pleasant smell. You can easily bake an apple pie or bake chocolate chip cookies to introduce comfy winter scents to your home without offending potential buyers. 

Christmas holiday greeting card with apple pie and fir tree. On wooden table with copy space. Top view flat lay


Trees can add beauty to your property, but they can also be a detriment. Buyers should walk the property to see if tree branches overhang, if animals can easily get into the house using tree limbs or branches, or if there are dead trees on the property. If tree roots are too close to the structure, they may eventually cause cracking to the patio or slab. Tree removal can be negotiated as part of the home sale.

Young married couple in work uniform with shovel plant tree sapling in ground. Background for gentrification of territory. Concept of landscaping, nature, environment and ecology. Copy space

We’re Here to Help!

To discuss property management, property investment, selling, buying, the local real estate market, and all things real estate related, contact the expert team of trusted advisors at Jamison Realty at (704) 846-3663.

We will be with you every step of the way. Also, listen to Your Real Estate Today radio show every Saturday afternoon on WBT for fun and interesting real estate information and special guests!

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