Sun Moulton

I have five rental properties managed by Jamison Realty since 2011. All properties are rented out and collecting the rent checks on-time. Jamison will find you great tenants that are responsible. Here’s my experience: I bought my first rental property in 2008 and the second rental property in 2009, after the first tenant moved out, I could not find qualified candidates and tried selling both properties under market price just to unload debt obligations/mortgage pymts.. One day I heard Jamison Realty commercial on the radio, so out of desperation I reached out to the company. Boom!!!! Both of the places were rented within a few weeks. Subsequently, I purchased more properties; using the Jamison Realty as the buyer’s agent for all three other rental properties. The company/Paul Jamison provided the great insights, expertise, and advised on the purchase of the properties. Jamison Realty has never disappointed me. They are very responsive on every inquiry. They will work with you to find solution to every problem.

— Sun Moulton